Friday, April 3, 2015

Crown Me!

If you are reading this blog you know that it is sincerely from my heart that I write. It still amazes me that every second of everyday has a twist or a turn that changes the direction of your path. Though there have been too many changes to really get into this is something I found myself wanting to share. Its no secret that in 2011 My divorce became final and yet another chapter of my life had been closed and chocked up to failure. Or so it seemed. We all go thru our own process and since I wear my emotions proudly on my sleeve it would be no different for me to share very intimate feelings for the whole world to see. You can read past posts and know my hearts cry or my hearts joy. It has been an amazing testimony of a journey not of failure but of strength and growth. Isn't that what life is all about?

I came across a story I wrote in 2012. back then it had a different meaning to me but I had been recycling this thought over and over....

Crown Me. Are you my King? Will I be your Queen? Time will tell, We will see, Whatever will be will be.

It was in my thoughts so much that I decided to write a story about what I thought it meant to me at the time.  I had made several new friends and I was dating again and I found myself stuck in a world I did not want to be in. There are so many emotions after the finality of a divorce. The thought of rebuilding not only a family but who you are without your husband was terrifying to me. I have began walking a little slower, taking a moment to breath, finding balance in a world so off its rocker. We all have a little crazy in us. I consider it such a great accomplishment to say I have walked through the craziest and now I am content in crazy. It's me. I am emotional, creative, spontaneous, expressive, generous and thoughtful. It's me and it's okay if you are not used to it but I won't compromise Communication, Honesty and Trust. So here it goes. Happy reading.

Is it Crazy? (written in 2012)

There was a land far, far away. It was a land like no other. A land known as CRAZY.  The King of crazy seemed to be the only one with any common sense. The people called him the King of the Hammer and Saw. He was the jack of many trades which the people did not understand. In the mundane of the world today everyone had forgotten that life was simple if you just did what you needed to make sure all was taken care of. They had lost sight of what it meant to truly be happy and all it took was a step in the right direction instead of the circles they found themselves spinning in. The king was out to sea often and could not guide the people in his ways so they adapted their own. This made the king even more special. Even though everyone had gone crazy he still stayed the course and helped others as much as he could with selfless random acts of kindness. He did not even realize the impact his kind heart made.  They knew he had been through the darkest of days but his cautious reputation only made him the strongest in the land.

On the other side of the land was The Land of The Craziest. The Queen of Paper and Scissors lived there in the mundane of the world today but wanted so much more. She had dreams and desired more than anything to inspire others to create the day. The evil king kept her locked in a fortress with not even the mush he fed to the pigs to sustain her. She knew there was more out there and it took great courage to move on but she did. On her journey she traveled past the Land of the Mad, the Land of the Lonely, and the Land of the Weeping Willows. It seemed all else would fail until one day she came to The Land of the Crazy. Her heart had been healed and her strength renewed with a boldness she never knew she had in her. The smile on her face returned and her faith and hope was restored.

It was a sweet surprise on her journey when she crossed paths with the King of the Hammer and Saw. Everything just began to fall into place. She found her a home. Found stable ground to stand on and build the simplistic life she had always dreamed for herself.  Her spirit was captivated and her hands inspired again. She was faced with a certain fear of the unknown but it brought her the purest of joy and the happiest of thoughts. He would never know how he came at the perfect time in her life. Even if it would only be for a minute or maybe more. She believed that God created our better half completely whole and pure to lead with strong hands so that no matter what came against them they could work through it and only come out stronger. Her past was full of a train wreck of disappointment but she never gave up. She pressed through not because she had to but because she wanted to. Only to see the reward is perfect timing.

The King and Queen began to spend days and nights together. Slowly in the most amazing way figuring each other out. She was taken care of for the first time. She was respected for the first time. Her heart spilled over again and again with joy. She was enamored by his passion and creativity. It was something she believed only existed in her own heart. It is a miraculous encounter that 2 from different lands meet in a place and time that only they could know was right.

Crown Me. Are you my King? Will I be your Queen? Time will tell, We will see, Whatever will be will be.

So today here we are. When I came across this again as I read it the story became reality. I am excited about new beginnings. I am excited about this life and the sweet people in it. The plan certainly was not my own but with Faith, Hope and Love It is as it should be. My heart is full. 

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