Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The dream still remained...

I followed a dream and I wasn't ready but I did it anyway... ( when I say I wasn't ready I mean every fear that could possibly arise did... What ifs and maybe it won't work or maybe they won't come) I had faith in the plan and knew that I would do what it took to make it work. I am so glad I did. Create 365 has brought me so much joy. Watching my children create in my store like I did with my grandmother when I was little. It became my peace. Just as I was not ready for it to open I am not ready for it to close but it is time. I have some work to do and my direction is changing, life changing decisions are on the horizon. Many will say don't close the store it is so amazing. Many will say they would hate to see it go. So many of you have supported me through this wonderful journey to discovering who I am. So many of you have seen a peace inside of you that will forever be stamped with Create 365. When you are a dreamer there are more dreams to follow. So I can't give specifics, I don't know when and maybe by some amazing miracle of Go,  just as amazing as the day we opened the doors, Maybe they will stay open. Just remember the foundation that Create 365 was built on is faith. Just because life threw me a rocky road, a curve in the path, a fork in the road, a mountain to move... does not mean that foundation is broken or gone. It just means we will all grow and learn something from it! 

I found this as a draft in my blog posts but I never published it. I actually just avoided it. I kind of do that. I avoid the confrontations of life because I don't want to believe its true. I fear whats on the other side... If I avoid it or never have to say it out loud or never hear its over then its not....Right?

It would be nice if that was the case but it isn't. I wanted to share these thoughts since everything really has changed and even though I had to close my doors to the store...in my heart the dream still remained. The doors still remained open. So today I sit here and reflect on a year that I climbed the mountain of all mountains. I am sure there will be more climbing to do but today I am heading into the studio. Clean, organized and begging for me to get creative again. Today is the day that Create 365 officially becomes reality again. Today I walk out the doors of my forever home into the doors of my dream come true. I am truly blessed. 

Today I am so ready to fly!

The Create 365 blog has been updated. 
Go check it out. 


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