Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time for some new doors to open!

So now that that door is permanently slammed shut.  I can finally start living.

I have been saying for weeks I want to go to the beach.... I did it. 

Here are a few pics of a detour down Dairy Road... Not a significant road but I saw the barn from the highway and had to investigate...

Even though there was a threat of a tropical storm.I am so glad I went. I stayed up all night on the beach. It was too hot during the day and I wanted to get the most out of this one day adventure! Look what I saw when the sun came up!

It was Alexandria, her best friend, Taylor, Sarah and I. We had a blast. Turned the volumn all the way up on the way down there... We even sang. Loud. When we got to the hotel we went straight for the sand. 

Here are a few more pics of our Orange Beach trip adventure!!!

I love how this pic came out. it was an accident.

We had a blast and we will be back soon!

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