Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I Love...

So what if I am just figuring out what I love... i am so okay with experiencing some truly amazing life.

First... I love the Lord. I know I am not perfect but He loves me anyway.

I love my sweet kiddos. Each one independent and unique.

When I am having a conversation and I know your listening.

That I don't have to hand out a manual for someone to get me.

Going to bed late and waking up early to a job that I created and love.

Surprises, fresh flowers and a long walk.

The way my hair looks when my new sunglasses are used as a headband!

That in my heart of hearts I am a sucker for romance and believe true love is looking for me.

I love being independent. I am not settling. What HE says goes! Period.

So I love the Stuffed Tenderloin at Agave. The flavors have a little dance party in my mouth. It is a special treat as the price varies at Market Price. Don't you love when a menu item says " Market Price"... AKA usually means the most expensive thing on the menu but WORTH it!!!

I love my new bed... It is squishy and perfect for me. Have not had a bad night sleep since I snuggled into it last January!

I love watching movies, drinking Cosmos, especially shaken with little ice flecks in it!

So thats all my loves so far. I am sure I will have more later.


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