Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just putting it out there!

I love big people. My heart is true. I am not perfect and I will always make mistakes but one thing is for certain...The God I serve is full of mercy and grace. Thankfully we will survive! 

Funny, My post did not start out like that but it was the ending and now it is the beginning. 

Life is an adventure... My kids have been playing and replaying We Bought a Zoo. Is that kind of love really out there? I know it is a movie. Don't we all want the kind of love that when you see that person you stop dead in your tracks and say... "There you are I have been waiting for you my whole life." What if you had that and something went seriously wrong and then it's GONE. What then? Now when you see that person your only looking for the emergency exits to get away as fast as you can. This is definitely coming from experience but mostly generally speaking! 

Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. To expect a life that never changes and is always coming up roses is ridiculous, but I have faith and I have not lost hope. Love is out there. True love. The kind that stops you in your tracks til death do we part and then some! So for now... My heart is in the hands of God and whatever is to be will be!

Now LOOK... look what I have been creating... Picture over load...

Creating fun times with the kids... Memories!

Jaxon is going into Kindergarten. He LOVES school. 

My baby girl is a senior. She is beautiful inside and out!

Jacob loves the skate park. Big man on campus next year. Last year in elementary school.

Jesse is such a sweet heart in the biggest way. he is always telling me how much he loves me. Little man will be in 3rd grade. Wow. How time flies.

Create 365 has a new look. I have been cleaning. It's what I do. Organize and reorganize and arrange and rearrange and clean and clean and clean and rearrange... and well you get the picture. I am inspired when I do it and hopefully so are you!

My grandmother and I ... Oh how I love her so much. She has been doing some cleaning of her own and sending me some goodies to package and sell for our Trunk Show at the store. July 14th. Should be amazing. Here is a little sneak of what came in one box... One BIG box! More to come.

And now I leave you with this... CREATE ADVENTURE... It is a must. When you just can't seem to get the creativity in motion, life in motion, or just your legs, heart, mind, spirit and soul in motion... Create adventure. Drive 2 hours to your favorite restaurant... go to the beach... Do something you never ever did before... Love and live like it was your last day here on earth!

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