Sunday, September 30, 2012

Do you like me?

Do you remember those days? Simple, sincere, fun and real!

I know we all wrote a note like that in school to some poor little guy who did not even know what hit him because girls surely mature faster then boys.

Then fast forward to today... There are rules people... rules to the dating game.

Read THESE... this is freaking hilarious. 

So since I am dating again I am getting advice every direction I turn...

Don't call him let him call you.
Let him chase you.
Don't tell him your whole life story all at once. In fact don't tell him anything about your past.
If he texts don't text right back.
If you miss a call don't call right back.

Okay... It is what it is. or maybe I am just, no I am not... It is what it is.
When you meet someone you know. You just know!
You know if you want to have a conversation with them and if you do then it should just flow! Right. As the conversation flows you find out things you have in common. things you don't and if you are really listening you know if it will go anywhere after you walk away from the conversation. And let me go here... Maybe it wasn't a meeting for some romantic encounter maybe you just met the best friend you never had. Who is there to teach you a thing or 2 and vice versa. People don't cross paths for no reason at all. So if sparks did fly then why not call. Why not say good morning, good night and Hello handsome!or beautiful! Why not flirt, lay it on thick and dig in deeper to know more. It feels right. Why the game? I don't know your busy unless you say your busy. I don't know you had plans unless you say you had plans, I can't read your mind and just saying, no response to me just says your not interested. For the record getting to know someone is not a text-a-thon! Let's go have coffee which I don't drink but it sounds good and I will find something on the menu. Let's go out to dinner and make the waitress wait for us to order because we are so engaged in conversation we don't even look at the menu! Let's runaway, jump in the car and drive somewhere we have never been and explore... I will bring the picnic basket you bring the wine! Life is busy, we all have to work to make a living but we also have one life to live. Spontaneous can be planned it is just something done out of the ordinary! We choose our destiny. We choose our path. It's God's gift of free will. Guess what... He already planned the outcome of our lives. I think random encounters are not random at all. We encounter people everyday and when you have that gut feeling to bless, to speak, to ask, to do and you don't... God just sets it all up again. Stop asking why and just say why not. Be honest with yourself... and others. Do it with loving kindness. Stop trying to make something happen that just won't and embrace life. Do what makes you happy. Feel good. It is important. Find JOY. Look for it, if it's not there don't stop looking for it! So I will yet again go against the grain. With eyes and arms wide open I will embrace this new beginning, this new journey. It is my very own fairy tale. Not an "as seen on TV" ad. It is my perfect. It is not cookie cutter or same ole same ole. It is unique and special and amazing. Who, what. when and where... I have no idea. I have said for months the guy that says, " I think your tractors sexy " is the guy i am going to doesn't even have to be directed at me just random!!! Maybe at first because who would ever say that in a million conversations which protected me from the dreaded M word. Only now to realize... the man I marry will bring a unique bucket of randomisms (I know not a word, but I just made it one, LOL ) to the table making everyday full of surprises. I have also said that the guy I marry will bring me to Tiffany's to choose any ring I want. { its just a figure of speech to me) Not because I am superficial and want some giant, expensive diamond, because if you know me I barely wear jewelry. If you know me I am simple and frugal but when your heart desires the most pure and beautiful you get it because you are worthy. My wedding ring is a symbol of the commitment we have made. What that commitment means to me... Forever. to eternity. never ending. No matter is 2 people both loving and respecting. It is 2 people both working TOGETHER because that is what makes it easy! It is honesty even if it means someone may be unhappy for a moment but realizes it was all for the best. To grow, to strengthen to move forward. It is forgiving quickly. It is what it is. It is what is is for me and for the special someone God deems worthy to capture and protect my heart. 

So my point is... Oh my goodness. Stop the madness. Just be real people!

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