Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who am I kidding...

To try to keep up the store and 2 blogs and facebook and more important being a mom and a wife and a friend and try to find time in there to create.... Hahahahahaha...I do not use the word busy anymore... I think it is an excuse. You make your self available for the things you want to do... so saying to someone sorry I can't make it I am too busy or didn't give you a call friend because well I was too busy... We say yes to so many things we don't really want to do throughout the day... that when the one thing that comes up we would rather be doing we can't because the plate is too full... Well I am learning the "art" of saying NO.

My husband and I have agreed on a few things and that is Family first always and forever... no matter what. We are now proud business owners bringing art and music to the community.  I followed my heart and the dreams I found hidden deep inside and opened Create 365. The place for you to find your happy place. I think it is so important in the hustle and bustle to find just a few moments or grab all the ones you can to create or do something that makes you HAPPY...

My husband has finally started Your Event Video. He captures just the right moments on your special day... wedding, graduation, events, meetings, Etc.... This is wonderful for him because he enjoys it. He has also been heavy into all the logistics and legal documents to starting a non-profit organization...
The Classical Guitar Society of Louisiana established October 15th, 2010... Jasin just took a trip to visit the Austin Classical Guitar Society where he saw first hand the impact the program has made on High School students. We are so very excited about the journey God has set us on. Taking a leap of faith is so worth it.

Alexandria is finishing her Sophmore year of High School... Where does the time go? She is a part of the Civil Air Patrol and has a desire to go to the Air Force Academy... My daughter is flying planes before she learns to drive. We are so proud of her...

The boys are just being boys... They all have their own sweet personalities and I enjoy every minute I have with them...

So now in a nut shell you are up to date on all our family happenings... now I wanna say... I am not going to be posting here anymore... I have been blogging everyday on the Create 365 blog... inspiration, devotionals and soon to be video announcements with tutorials, the latest products, shopping experiences and more... Same piece of me just different blog location. Hope to see you there. You know how I love comments! Create 365 is your home away from home... the blog will keep that down to earth home feeling. Just so all my  far away friends know... We have the webstore site complete and now we have the Check the Create 365 blog... July 1st for the launch of our new webstore! Complete with kits, projects, handmade items, and of course scrappy goodness.

I just want to say... I know I have not been visiting my bloggy peeps at all... I want you to know I am always thinking about you and find seconds to swoop through your pages to stay up to date on what you are all up to. I miss the old days when I could just sit on here all day and feel like I am a part of your world... Life is a journey and this past year was one of growth... finding peace and now I am onto patient endurance... Hubby and I almost did not make it through this past year... lots going on... I would not take it back for anything... as rough as it was I learned so much. I experienced so much, I found love again, I found what it truly means to be a mother and I followed dreams...How amazing is that?!?! It is important to be sensitive to the fact that everyone is going through something and no matter what the degree that something is,  it is rocking your world or theirs. Just be there. be a friend. Listen and wait.



  1. You are beautiful. period. and I love you. :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Like Julie already said, you are a beautiful, inspiring woman!!! i will visit you on the other blog!!! Hugs, Hanneke


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