Saturday, August 7, 2010

A little Birdie Told me....

If you have not signed up for the Melody Ross A little Birdie told me newsletters, YOU SHOULD!!!!! We are all on such a different journey and no matter where we are it is always good to be encouraged. So when I get these little letters of encouragement in my email just gives me a jump start to my day... I wanna share the latest one with you because I think it is so true and so amazingly true to some things I am faced with lately.

Dear Uncomparable Girl,

You are beautiful. You are different than ANY person who has ever been born
or ever will be born. You do not look just like anyone and no one looks just
like you. Even though the media and society will try to tell you differently,
it would be absolutely ridiculous to think that we should all look a certain a certain size.....that there is an "ideal".

Somewhere along the way, things got really mixed up and made most of the
population believe that they were not just right unless they were some perfect
ideal of a human being that no one can achieve....or maintain for any period
of time.

You were created a perfect and one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You will never look
just like anyone else, and THANK GOODNESS for that...can you imagine how boring
and lifeless and soulless the world would be if we all looked alike? It is a
beautiful plan in the world that there are all different kinds of flowers and
trees and rocks and different colors of soil and a different sunset every single night.

That's the way people are too. We are meant to be a beautiful part of the all of our diversity and variety and unique beautiful-ness.

Don't let anyone tell you or ever make you think that you are not a beautiful
masterpiece...and don't let anyone be in your presence and let themselves think
anything but that they are just right...just SO VERY BEAUTIFUL just the way they are.

Thanks for being so beautiful...for the radiant beauty that shines from your
heart all the way out of your skin. You make the world so much more lovely.

Don't ever forget it.


Hope You have a blessed day and enjoy every minute and have the time of your life. Remember to follow your dreams and keep your chin UP!!!!! Love you and big hugs.


  1. THANKS so much for this beautiful post, Amy!!
    BIG HUG to you too!!!!!!!!!


  2. so cool!! I love it...thanks for sharing:)

  3. Sooooooooooo love this Amy!!! TFS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. yes! i get those every day! this one is especially beautiful.

  5. I don't know why your blog is the first to visit on this Sundaymorning - I guess I had a feeling or something - THANKS FOR THIS POST! I needed to hear this today and somehow I felt that I could find it on your blog!!! Big hug!!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this Amy!!! Love it!!
    Hugs, Hanneke

  7. Amy, Thanks so much for the wonderful RAK from TAAFOOFT!!
    I relly love everything!!
    Thanks for sharing this post it is beautiful!!

  8. This is wonderful Amy and so true indeed!A letter to live by.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!


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