Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello Julie....

Remember when I showed you pictures from my trip to Texas a couple weeks ago. I told you that I was so excited to meet Sarah De Guzman...She is a fellow design team member for Fave Things { only a couple more days to submit your fave toy layout}... Well let me just tell you...

Julie our boss for Fave things was just a phone call away so we decided to call her. We took pictures of the phone cause it said her name and now all 3 of us have created a layout using those pictures. Each one is so unique. I love to see all the pictures created on a page so differently....

Here is mine!

Oh well, we made her a little note telling her she should be there with us and then we got this crazy idea to use our chinese noodles from PF Changs and glimmer mist them on the page...worked great for a crazy mask. Okay.... you all know you have done crazy stuff with your misting sprays. Don't lie. It is fun to experiment.... So on my layout I laid some random string with little fuzzies on it and I love how the glimmer mist sprayed normal then caught some of the string piece. Makes it look like the noodles in the picture.... Hahahaha... hey, if I had chinese noodles I would have so used them as a mask on my layout!!!

So here are links to the other layouts.... Go check them out and share some fab comments while your at it... Encouragement is good. It keeps us "creatives" working hard to inspire!!!!

Sarah De Guzman.... { she emailed Julie and I her layout and will be posting it on her blog soon }

Have a great weekend!!!! Big hugs, Amy


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! I love love love love love this AMY!!! OMYGOSH!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that U misted just like U did with the noodles!! LOVE U MY DEAREST!!! This ROCKS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Funny layout, Amy!! Love your misting and the story behind it! And LOVE your wooden chair!!!!!

    Hugs, Jenneke

  3. Such a DARLING LO & I adore that photo! So awesome that you were able to finally meet each other!

    PS... as for the "working out mojo"... trust me. If you sign up for a Zumba class, you'll have the mojo for sure! It's so fun, you'll forget you're working out! ;-)



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