Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Paper Tree House

So when I was little....About 10 I would load my pockets full of change that I had saved and ride my bicycle 3 miles to the only stationary store in the town I grew up. I was a Cali girl and I grew up in Ojai.....It is funny when I say where I grew up everyone knows where it is now because of Ojai Foods on Big Brother Big Sister!

My best friend and I would send each other hand written letters with scented paper and a ton of confetti. I had a pen pal who I am still in contact with since I was 11. We wrote letters every week. I loved paper and pencils and anything creative back then and I love it even more now. I believe that creativity and art is lost in the youth of today and it is up to us to inspire them to continue the legacy. I have women in classes I teach who make me sew on there projects cause they are too scared or don't know how. How is this possible? I just taught as a guest artist for a high school fine arts survey class. When I tell the kids to tear their paper they literally do not know what I am talking about. They don't know what to do with anything creative and wait for your detailed instruction and copy exactly. This just breaks my heart and inspires me to do more. It inspires me to share the gifts and talents God has given me with everyone who will listen.....Are you listening....? Are you listening to that sweet spirit tell you to share your talents with everyone cause they may find healing, joy, happiness, a sense of accomplishment and peace with our Lord. It may encourage them to follow their dreams.

I am so very honored to tell you that Nana creator of My Paper Treehouse has asked me to be one of the designers for her new kit club. We have a Facebook link HERE HERE HERE. I am even more excited about the fact that she has a vision to carry on a creative legacy....sharing Gods word for the generations to come.... The amazing designers on the team are already inspiring me.....I am so excited to see the inspiration come when we reveal each new kit.

Get ready for some blog hopping....Get ready to meet some amazing new people. Just get ready to see what journey the Lord has waiting for you!

Meet the designers....

Our Guest designer for June { but I think you will see a lot more of her} is... Irene Tan

Guess what product you see in this picture and you could be the winner of a fabulous prize given by Nana! Check out our Facebook link for more details!

Please stay tuned for more exciting news as it is revealed to me. Please go and visit all the designers. Get inspired. Leave a leagacy. Make Memories. Love one another. Always follow your heart and take the step of faith to make your wildest dreams come true....One of mine just did. All things are possible to him or her who believes!!!

Love to all. Hugs, Amy


  1. CONGRATS my LOVE!!! That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Congrats! congrats! I look forward to seeing your creations - I know that you will have a wonderful time working with such a motivated and talented set of designers. Your blog post is so moving - thanks for brightening my day!

  3. Congrats to you sweet friend...see Life is Good...and you are so deserving!!! I am doing a Happy Dance for you!!!!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  4. Congrats to you, AMY!!! I am so excited for you and it seems like she's gonna have a really great place over there...can't wait until the site is up, and I'm dying to see the whole kit! You totally deserve it!
    Love, Jess

  5. Amy, I once heard someone say that their is no high like the Most High!!! :) As scary as it is to actually take God as His Word is the assurance that He will never leave you nor forsake you...

    May the Lord grant us the boldness to actually Believe in God's Promises and may we stand firm in our Belief of Him!! May we be made small so that He can be HUGE, for at the end all that will be left is Him and His Glory!!

    What a RIDE He has prepared for those that choose to believe HIM! Thanks for your boldness and passion.. they inspire me to love Him more passionately!

    Love you girlie! :)

  6. Amy, I love what you wrote, it is beautiful. I cannot wait to get to know you better.


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