Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crawfish boil, Mmmm... and Happy Easter!

When I uploaded all the Easter pics, I found these lovely pictures from a crawfish boil we had just before my birthday. Some family came for a visit from Mississippi. I thought some of you might enjoy the pictures cause eating crawfish is a southern thing....The ugly little creatures are sometimes called "mud bugs"..... You buy them in 25 pound sacks and season and boil them. After they are boiled you put them on a tray and peel the tail off and inside the hard shell of the tail is a nice and yummy small piece of meat....kind of like a mini lobster tail. Hey we are in cajun country. Crawfish is the next best thing to lobster. Hahahaha. LOL.

While the water gets to a rolling boil the boys love to play with the live crawfish! This guy was put on the concrete ..... Is he praying that we will not eat him.
Sorry little crawfish you were so yummy!

Jacob is hodling a wee little crawfish. Look how small his tail is. He is not even bite size!
Oh, I had to throw this one in....This is a shed that is in the back of my Mother-in-laws house. Through the last 10 years each hurricane we have blows of more and more pieces of it. The door is going to make a perfect vintage looking table for my event. We took it off and it is now waiting for me to give it a new purpose!

This is what the crawfish looks like when they are boiled. We add whole onions, potatoes, mushrooms, corn on the cob and jalapenos in to the water to boil with the crawfish. If you can get past what they look like, they really are good. Mmm Mmm Mmmm!

Our Easter

Wow.....what a weekend...

Finished the stage set just in time for our Easter production at church.
The production was awesome...lots of hard work paid off.

Have a bolt in my tire that makes a crazy noise when I drive. Tick, Tick,Tick,Tick....
Need an oil change.
Will have to fix both on Monday as nothing was open on Easter!

Prepared and organized for my event coming up at the end of April.

Easter baskets are so much fun to make yourself. The boys got fishing poles and lots of candy and Alex got a bunch of girly stuff.

Hubby told me it looks like I am loosing weight....I don't see it but I am so glad he does!

Now we are watching a movie....with a projector that makes a huge screen on our wall. It is like a mini movie theater. The kids are in their sleeping bags camping out in the living room!

Here are some pics of the day!!!!

Alex and I made Easter baskets for her 2 friends who did not get a basket this year. It was a great blessing to them. They hung out with us all day. I can't imagine what kind of family they come from that they did not spend this wonderful day together.
I was happy to welcome them into ours.

Lunch today at O'Charlies...yummy steak salad.

Died Easter eggs and went to the park for an Easter Egg hunt.

Easter has a different meaning for me this year. I feel more closer to God than ever in my life and it just amazes me that because of Him, I am forgiven. The past, present and future! I am so thankful for my life NOW. We are so very blessed and I love that the journey is never over.
I am excited to see what the future holds.

I pray that you all had a wonderful day. Even if your celebration today was not Easter. Each and every day should be celebrated! You only live once. Time flies, too.

All my love to you all. Hugs,Amy


  1. Yummy, yummy! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration & I ♥ your family photo! So cute!


  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I loveeeeeeeeeeee the the would feel to guilty eating them!! lol! :):):):):):):):):):) that one of the girls with love, laugh, live on their hands is JUST WOW! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. What a happy Easter you had... love to look at your photos! And I'm in oooh and aaah over that little shed, such a beautiful picture! The door will be magnificant as a table... enjoy today Amy!

  4. What yummy and fun photos! Your pix remind me of how much I like crawfish and how long it has been since I have had any. What wonderful Easter photos - such a great family shot and all the egg dying ones. Glad you had a wonderful Easter and hope you have a super week!

  5. Oh the boil!!!

    The pics of your family brought a smile to my face!!! You are SOOOOO Blessed and they are just toooooo cute!!

    I love the idea that you used the door to the shed...I am always on the hunt for those kind of things!!!

    Have a great Monday sweet friend!!!

  6. i agree! you only live one life, so live it up! YOU ARE SO INSPIRATIONAL, my friend.

    LOVED all your photos! thanks for sharing them!


  7. LOVE to see your photo's, Amy. Specially the one of you and your family, the boys all have their eyes closed, lol!



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