Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is your Favorite TV Show?

Yay......It's my birthday. Oh, just sayin'!

Today has been WONDERFUL. My Friends and Family are so good to me!!!

First...My wonderful scrappy friends surprised me last Thursday when we went to paint at Paintings With A Twist. Cake, Balloons and Gifts.....What more could a girl ask for!!!! They paid for my painting and gave me a gift card to go shopping. It was a wonderful night with friends!

This morning I had an e-mail inbox full of Birthday wishes from my Fave girls. I taught my little babies at Mothers Day Out. The girls I work with all pitched in and gave me some sweet treats from my favorite bakery....Southside Bakery and they gave me a gift card to Aveda....Spa day here I come! When I got home Alex was waiting for me on our stairway. She surprised me with a huge handmade card. She wrote the 10 things she loves about me. I got a little choked up.....well A LOT choked up. She is such a blessing. Jasin says he and the kids have plans so I will share pics and details later.

What is Your Favorite TV Show?

So are you ready for the next challenge at What is Your Fave Thing. I know you all watch TV. So tell us your favorite TV show??? There are 2 fabulous prizes I am sure you don't want to miss the chance to win.

Jaxon is the baby....well he is 3 but he is our last.... the caboose. Since He is the only one home during the day the only TV we watch is The Wonder Pets, Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer and if I am lucky my favorite show Deal or No Deal. I am a total game show junky..... I love the old Family Feud, The Newly Wed Game, Let's Make a Deal. They are so funny to watch.

Here is my layout...... Go check out the Fave Blog for a ton of inspiration. The Design Team girls Rock!!!!!

Well Jaxon does this thing....You would think he would be content to watch it by himself.... but noooooo. Whenever one of his favorites comes on he finds me and pulls on my arm and tells me....." Momma, Momma come see, come see. I want you to sit with me." I love it. We sit in the recliner we watch all the faves and sing along and play along together. Moments in life to cherish and remember.

Oh by the way..... Jaxon is a rough and tough take me outside kid of BOY.....ALL BOY. We spend most of the day running around outside!!! It is the restful moments in my recliner I look forward to!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Hugs,Amy


  1. Ah, just in time to say Happy Birthday to you on your blog!!
    I'm already in my pj's, so here in the Netherlands March 30 is almost at the end.
    I hope the rest of your day will be as good as the start!!
    Looking forward to the pictures!

    Hugs to you, birthday-girl!!

  2. I love that layout Amy and the moment is a great one to cherish! And Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love, Jess

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear AMMMMMMY......Happy Birthday to you..... Hope you have the best day ever sweet friend!!!

    LOVE THAT LO...it is AWESOME!!!!

  4. Happy birthday Amy! I hope you had a stunning day! God bless! :)
    Gorgeous layout too!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my DEAREST!!!! :):):):):):):) loveeeeeeeeeeeee that lo...so precious...just touches my heart! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. I love your LO, so sweet I remember that my boys did the same (they still try to make me sit and watch The Suite Life with them but I sooo don't like that show)
    And what a great gift Alex gave you, must be your fave!!
    Hope you had a great B-day!!!

  7. isn't march the bestest month ever?!?! ;) hehehe. anyway, hope your birthday was the greatest one yet! :)

    love your fav layout! it's sooooooooo cute!


  8. I hope you had a VERY HAPPY birthday, Amy! I'm loving your FAV TV LO.... so cute! Cute photo, too! (And now I have the Wonder Pets theme song stuck in my head! LOL!)

    Hope you have a very HAPPY Easter!



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