Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love Life.....

Did you all think I left you?

Life happens, what are you gonna do?

Check out these cupcakes. I made this for the candy bar that I will have at my Faith 365 event. It will be on a dowel centered in a vase full of Gerber Daisys. I will make smaller ones to fit on some really cute cupcake pedestals that I found. I can't take credit for them though.....Go here. It is a You Tube tutorial on how to make these sweet little treats.

I am getting ready for the Faith 365 event in April....We are almost full. It is so exciting for me to meet new people and everyone who is signing up is so excited. Don't worry I know many of you who read my blog are far, far away. After the event I am going to put a few tutorials up to share all the fun with you!

Here is a set of cards we will make.

We all need to Life Life and SLOW DOWN!!!!!

So in light of all the twists and turns of my life these past couple of weeks, I made this layout. Jasin took the picture of me awhile back when we went to Arkansas. It was not the picture I intended to use for this layout but it is glued and right where it should be. I must say stress had a great deal to do with why I ended up in the bed for a week. I never really thought about age much and do not see myself as old but for the first time in my life I am seeing family members dieing, friends with illness and breast cancer scares, friendships broken and to be honest it is freaking me out. So instead of being freaked out I am going to be thankful. Thankful for life, healthy children and a wonderful husband. Thankful to friends who will uplift, encourage and see my faults and forgive me, not hold them against me. I know I am only human and nobody is perfect. So this layout is my testimony to SLOW DOWN and LIVE LIFE. I will live every moment to the fullest and appreciate lifes sweet little surprises. I will be open to the surprises the holy spirit has for me. I will give my cares and worries to my God in heaven. I am blessed and have much to rejoice in everyday.

Leave me a comment and tell me something you are thankful for or something you find that blesses your life.

P.S. My hubby had a little fun with the pictures above. He is showing me how to use Photo shop. Yayyyyy!!!!!


  1. that cupcake is beautiful amy and soooooooooooo is that lo....i am so sorry that u and the family are having hard times right now....remember that i love u and u are in my prayers! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) and i am thankful for my family (including my four legged family member!) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh Amy that cupcake is just beautiful!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! The cards are stunning...wish I could join you...but things seem to be getting more difficult!!

    I am thankful that God has blessed me with another day...I see a beautiful sunrise through my bedroom window and I know that I am blessed to be here to celebrate it!!! I am also Thankful that we have become friends and can share important events in our lives!!!

    The LO is a statement of your Faith...It is just stunning!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  3. Love the cupcake and that layout is fabulous! It is sooo pretty. I know what you mean about everything getting to you...it sort of has to me lately and I'm trying to figure out a way to not let it. I think I'm doing pretty good though. I am blessed to just have such a wonderful supportive family and the greatest kids in the world. They really make me smile so much during the day, and I know that I'm blessed to have them in my life! Love, Jess

  4. Amy, Your cupcake is soooooooo adorable!!!!
    Love the layout as well you look so happy.
    I sooooooo feel what you are going through. Life has it twists and turns but I have to remind myself daily that God is in control...So I now just give it all to him to take care of. We can't please everyone.
    I hope you received my card in the mail last week. You are a special and very uplifting friend.
    I will always put God #1 and my family a close 2nd. I hope you have a great day!!!!

  5. What an adorable cupcake and I love your layout about Love Life - we all need to slow down and love the lives that we have. I have been very blessed to have a wonderful loving husband and son, and I especially have been blessed to still be alive today when in an earlier time, I would no longer be around. Thanks for the reminder and hope you and yours have a beautiful and blessed day.

  6. So sorry you are going through a rough spot. I too am so thankful for my family and a supportive husband.
    Love that cupcake and good luck with your event:)

  7. i am thankful for all of the wonderful friends i have meet just by scrapbooking. :) you, being one of those friends!

    LOVE the cupcake, amy! soooooooo purty! :) and yay for photoshop!


  8. The cards are so cute...everyone will LOVE making them.

  9. That cupcake is gorgeous so are the cards as well!!! love them!!
    I am thankfull for a lot of things, just my life as it is, all the oppertunities I got, all the good things (hubby, boys, fam), but I am also thankfull for the hard things in my life not that they crossed my path but the fact that they made me stronger and wiser!!

  10. Those cards are so cute & I adore that LO... the photo of you is beautiful!

    I still haven't tried making one of those "cupcakes." Nikki Sivils did that as a "make-n-take" for her first CHA. I've been meaning to try it out since last summer! Yours will look SO CUTE at your candy bar!

  11. Beautiful cards and love that LO of you Amy!
    I am very thankful for my life, my wonderful supportive husband and my two beautiful teenage children!
    Hope you have a great weekend Amy! :)


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