Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Lifetime Story Challenge #4.....My Parents

The new challenge for the week is up at Faith Sisters.

Let me just say that I really truly believe that Family is so important. I know everyone has a fabulous ...... or not so fabulous story to tell about their family....I know some of you know bits a pieces about me but I am enjoying revisiting these moments in time and I am very thankful to have the life I have. Growing up was just me and my mom....and a couple of step-dads, 5 younger sisters and my grandparents. My grandparents I feel led me down the path I am on today. They were my strength and security but since my grandfather past away a year and a half ago, I feel a major break in our family ties. We will get it back. I think we are all just trying to figure out who we are without him cause he held us all together, wether some want to admit it or not! I have faith that one day my mom and I will speak again but until then....I am a mom and life goes on. My # 1 priority is making sure history does not repeat itself and that my children grow up knowing I love them so very much.

Here is the layout I did of my mom...A few years ago we took family pictures in front of my grandparents house. They have lived their all my life. One of the pictures was a generation picture.......My Mom, My Grandma, Myself and my daughter. We are standing in front of a huge oak tree that is in their front yard. My grandma used to lye down a blanket and fix us the best picnic lunches....In this very spot, right in front of this tree.

The lady in the apron, I cut out of a piece of Websters Pages paper. I had the cute felt apron from Basic Gray and decided to cut where the arm is and give the girl a little color. I love how it came out.

On the layout above with the four generations. I only used 2 layers of Prima flower and I added the bottle cap and button to the center.

There is a story to tell of how my mom and dad met, how I came along and why they decided to not get married and part ways.....But each story they tell is different...So for the sake of not forming the wrong opinions I just leave it at....To each their own and life goes on.

My dad and I met for the first time when I was 16 then not again til I was 23....then only a few times after that. I am glad to be getting to know him now. I could wish for things to be different but I truly believe I would not be where I am today if the path had changed along the way. Life happens as it should and I would not change a thing. I am happy and I had my grandfather { who is not my moms biological father} He was my father figure...He was a voice of wisdom...He was there to pick up the pieces when I was hurting. He was all the things a father is and more. Now you are beginning to see why the family tree might get a little crazy.... After 10 years my husband still gets confused when I try to talk about my family. The branches of our tree are all over the place.

Here is my layout of my dad and I. A friend took these pictures a few years back. Hmmmmm, guess who I look like??? Oh, you think. Yep. I look like my dad....All the way. We laugh about the side shot cause it shows our giant noses. Thanks a lot dad. LOL.

I love Prima flowers....I used the whole flower in the layout of My Dad and I....

Hope you can join in the challenge. Have a great week!


  1. You are so open about your life - I feel like I really know you when I read about your layouts and their meanings. thank you for sharing - you are a very inspiring woman and I am so happy to have met you.

  2. I love this post, like Chris said you are so open about your life it makes me think about my own and it's about time for that!!! Love the LO's, gorgeous flowers and beautiful photo's!!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

  3. Oh my goodness... how cute are those LO's?! I adore that apron you made!

    Thanks for sharing your stories behind the LO's, too!



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