Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cleaned up, a give-away and now it is TIME TO CREATE!

First, A give-away.....

I have been cleaning my scrap space. It is cold outside and we have been stuck in the house. So I am feeling the need for some time to create.... Before I could get started creating I had to clean up....... So guess what, I decided to do a little give-away. I have a ton of paper I decided to let go of and I want one of you to have it.....Just leave me a comment, become a follower of my blog for an extra chance to win and let other people know by putting it on your blog for another chance. I promise you will want to get your hands on this surprise box of goodies.....I am still adding to it so I will give you till next Saturday, January 23rd to get your comments in. Pass the word.

Wednesday was scrappy day and I made 2 layouts, Had lunch with the girls and just enjoyed time with the bestest friends a girl could have.....

I took a picture of the back of my dads house...Just to have. Not realizing the next day would be a totally different picture. It snowed Christmas Eve at my dads and when we woke up in the morning it was like we woke up up in a different house. Brrrr....that snow was so cold. It was so awesome to have our first White Christmas.

My grandfather sent me a package a few years back and inside the box was 3 cast iron trucks and a few little cars. My grandfather had a book shelf in his office and when I was little he said he would pick me up and one by one show me all the little nic-nacs on the shelf. The small photograph on the left side of the layout is a replica photo I got in my Jenni Bowlin kit. When I saw that, I got the idea to do this layout. I took one of the trucks outside and took a photo with the sun shining thru the window. Jasin thought it was a real car... too funny. It is just a little toy. In the box was also the little note, " My toys for your boys, Grandfather Alex." {Yep, my daughter is named after my grandfather.} My grandpa had this particular note pad on his desk for as long as I could remember and that is the paper he wrote it on. My grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago and he forever has a special place in my heart. I am so happy to have these little toys and that little note.

Today was cleaning day, family time and then enough scrappy time to finish another layout.

Alexandria loves to go out with her friends and take pictures. I have been organizing my pictures and came across this little grouping. I love that she is who she wants to be. We are so very proud of her and I just know she has such a promising future ahead. { The little butterflies I punched out of the bingo card packaging from Jenni Bowlin. The rest is from the January kit for Jenny Bowlin.}

I am not one to put off cleaning to scrap. With a house full of kids and my wonderful hubby, it is best to get the house clean before I have creative time. That way I can get in the zone with fewer disruptions.

For the past week I have been reorganizing my scrap space. Jasin decided he wanted to move all his video editing and music recording stuff into our bedroom so he would have more space. This was before Christmas....We live in a 3 bedroom town home so there is only enough space for what we have and I have it just right, everything has its place.... Well you all saw my scrap space before, it took up the whole bedroom. Almost.

Well now I am in our walk in closet. It is 6x8 and I actually like it alot better, Believe it or not. I finished cleaning and reorganizing. { Yes, that is scrapping stuff spilling outside the door. }

Right side, inside the closet!

Look at that paper and picture on my table....It is gonna be my next layout. It is a picture of me when I was 4 years old..... I was doing something....not sure but I was in the zone. When I am scrapping or I am working on a project. I get very quiet.... There is a peace I find when I am being creative. It was cool to find this picture and see it is just me and always has been.

Left side, inside the closet...I love my organizer....{it is supposed to be an over the door baseball cap holder} but I use it to hold lots and lots of scrappy goodies. I just nailed it to the wall. Underneath it I have an old Coca Cola crate with little zip lock bags.... I separated all my chipboard letters alphabetically and put them in the bags. Now I have all my letters in one place.

In case you are wondering where our clothes are....I have our folded clothes on a shelf in the bedroom and we have a huge closet under the stairs that we added bars to for hanging clothes. It all works great. I love our little house. I love my little scrappy space. It has been a very productive week. Hope you had a great week, too. Hugs, Amy


  1. Your layouts are so wonderful - love the truck photo (what a clever idea) and those pix of Alex are fantastic (love the big alphas too). And your scrap closet is great - I can hardly wait to see the finished version of the layout you are currently creating. And this is so strange - when I saw the Victorian house shelf on the back wall of your closet, I did a double take - last week I bought one just like it (one of the railings is gone) at a thrift store. I need to redo it but isn't that cool that we think alike!!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love those layouts!! And your scrap space. One day I will have an organized scrap space or room like that! I just need to be a more organized person in general, I guess! So sweet to do a giveaway. I'll put details for it on my next blog post! Love, Jess

  3. How fun to have your own space now! Looks great! Yay for you!!!

    The LO's are ALL ADORABLE! I'm especially loving those clouds on the first one!

    You've been busy... creating AND organizing!

    Have a great day, my friend! :-)

  4. Oooh I love your LO's!! Love the one with the before and after snow, so funny (great clouds) and the one with the car (could have been your fave car) love that one (and I thought it was a real one at first too), such a great way to remember your grandfather!! Great to see you have such a happy daughter, that is something to be proud of!!!
    And wow you scrapcloset is soooo cool, we are going to redecorate and I will finally have my own space (on the attic)!!!
    Love, Hanneke

  5. Amy,
    You always do such great pages. Your work amazes me. Your scrapspace is so organized, I wish mine was organized. Such great memories of your grandfather. Keep up the great work you do. Miss you.

  6. totally love your fave thing LO!! Oooh and the colour of the 'she' lo is just delightful!!! AND fab scrapping space!! It was another journal looking through it!!

  7. WOW Amy, those layouts are wonderful!!! My favorite is the one with pictures of Alex, she is so beautiful!!!
    And I'm so happy for you that you have your own scrap space now!!!! LOVE it!!!!


  8. Amy my dear friend. How I miss you and the times scrapping. I simply love your pages and your scrap area is wonderful. WOW.. it was also great seeing the layout of Alex..the trucks layout is also a precious one. You are sooo organized. Love you and miss you much. Polly

  9. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee these Amy!!!! I love love love love that car one...I thought it was a real car too!!!! And loving your space!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee how U used the baseball cap holder! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. Love the layout!!! And the new scrap is awesome. Are you teaching anywhere soon? I took classes from you in Baton Rouge and loved them!!!

  11. I love the LO's and your clean and organized scrap space.


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