Sunday, December 27, 2009

We had a White Christmas.....

Our Christmas in Missouri.
Well this year we have 2 Christmases...One in Missouri with my dad and one with Jasin's mom. We had a wonderful time at my dads but I am really glad to be home! We had a very pleasant 12 hour drive both ways. The kids were so good. It was nice to have to sit for 12 hours and just be together as a family....Oh, the DVD players came in real handy....So did the coloring books! About the 10 hour mark everyone was getting pretty tired but got more silly than irritable! We are blessed with good kids.

Christmas Eve it started to get really cold with reports all over the news of snow. Yayyyyy, we woke up Christmas morning to a wonderful white Christmas. It would have been great to play outside but it was 16 degrees out and the wind made it -3 degrees. It was cold.. So we had a White Christmas at my dads. This was a first for our family. We have seen snow just never seen completely wonderful weather, then rain, then snow and total freezing temperatures all in one day!!! The picture above is after the storm on Christmas day. The sun is trying so hard to peek through!

Alex and I outside....She loves her mommy!

Jesse and Jacob all bundled up outside. Jesse got those glasses with his BB gun. He put them on and would not take them off.

I wanted to get a few pictures of Jaxon outside in the snow....He was not happy. He would walk out and run straight back in.

My Sister Julie, My Dad and Me......

Tim, Joyce and Randy (step-mom and step- brothers)

It was a great time. The kids had a blast. Jaxon met his cousins for the first time. The last time I went to visit my dad was 6 years ago when Jesse was a baby. We took a picture that visit of Jesse, Cassandra and Orin all laying on a blanket so we decided to do it again with them a little more grown up.

Jesse, Cassandra and Orin Age 6 months...About

Jesse, Cassandra and Orin Age 6

It was nice to just hang out and relax with no responsibilities....with Family.

Here is a great picture of our family on the back patio at my dads....This was our first venture into the cold. Brrrrrrr. It was so cold.

My dads house the day after we got there.

My dads house after the snow on Christmas day!

Alexandria made a perfect snow angel.

Joyce, my step-mom has 2 traditions in her family....Her mom would take all the girls out for a girls lunch for Christmas so all the girls went to lunch.....Then every year whatever family is there for Christmas takes a family group photo. Usually we are not in it so this year was special.

Joyce (my step mom), Julie ( my sister), Ida ( Randys wife), Tamara ( Tims wife), and me!

It is always nice to visit people you have not seen in awhile but it is really nice to be home.

I pray everyone had a fabulous Christmas with family and I pray you have a wonderful New Year....This year we will be spending New Years with our family. We get to hang out at Jasins moms all day, eat great food, blow up some fire works and shoot off some guns!

Hugs to all....Amy


  1. Oh Amy! THis looks perfectly blissful!!
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time! THe photos are fab!!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a great time at your dad's house, Amy!!! And I'm happy too that you're home again, safe and sound!!
    LOVE to see these pictures!!

    Big hug, Jenneke

  3. It sounds wonderful and so glad you had a safe trip!!! The kids look like they were having a blast!

  4. What great pics AMY!!!! I am so glad that you had a White Christmas!!!! What a wonderful family you have!!!

    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!!! :-)

  5. Adorable photos! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I had no idea you were spending it in Missouri! :-)

    Hope you have a VERY HAPPY 2010!

    Big hugs...


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