Thursday, October 15, 2009

My little Jesse is 6 years old today!!!!

I know you are anxiously awaiting pictures of my fabulous Scrap weekend, But You will have to wait til tomorrow...I am very bad about taking pictures at the events but a sweet friend of mine took some pics of the event and of Alex for homecoming. I promise they will be posted tomorrow!!! Plus a surprise and The latest challenge for What is your Favorite Thing...

First things first....My sweet little Jesse is 6 years old today.... We had a wonderful FAMILY night....I took him in secret and asked him what he wanted for his birthday.....

He said he wanted to go to El Portrillo, A mexican food restaurant close by..... He thinks it is cool that they play the guitar and sing Happy Birthday in Spanish and then put whipp cream from a Soppapia ???spelling... In your face....

Just had to add this sweet one of Jaxon.... He is always the life of a party.LOL.

My mother-in-law got this cake.{ I did not make this one....SOOOO Cute though!}

Then he wanted to go bowling.....

Alex and Jacob.....Jacob got is first Strike!!!!!

I really thought it would be difficult to keep Jaxons attention. I was wrong...He sat on the steps and waited his turn and he had to wait for Alex, Jacob and Jesse to take their turn. We played for 1 hour and he did not want to leave....Is he the next bowling star...?

Jesse wanted a Star Wars trooper costume with the light sabor....I have no clue why...
I am not even sure if he has seen the movie...

My hubby Jasin threw in a shopping spree at the Dollar Tree...It is a store here where everything costs a dollar... The kids love it.

We had a great night.... See you tomorrow!!!


  1. Huge congrats for Jesse!!Looks like he had a wonderful day!

  2. Congrats with Jesse's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE these wonderful pictures, Jesse looks so happy!! The one with the sombrero and the pancake with cream is my favorite, that face!!!!
    You just have to scrap that one, Amy!
    Looking forward to see pictures of your scrap-event AND of Alex!!!!
    And a surprise????

    Hugs, Jenneke

  3. Wow that seems like a lot of fun!!! Congrats Jesse!!! And that cake is the cutest ever!!
    Cool Star Wars outfit!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Happy birthday Jesse! looks like you had a great day!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Jesse and that smile....PERFECT!!!! Glad you had such a wonderful celebration!!! :-)


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