Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Which one will I scrap first????

Well My friend Christy and I took our kids to the childrens museum in downtown Lafayette today. It was so much fun....... After we let the kids run through a fountain at Parc San Souci. My friend has 2 boys and of course you all know I have 1 girl and 3 boys..... Well I tired out first.... Jaxon has more energy then all of the kids in the whole museum. I am not kidding. He did not even want to play with the whole building full of toys.... no. He found every staff only entrance, every staff phone and even tested the plumbing in the restroom. I could not even blink.....

If you can guess what picture I am going to scrap first and you leave me a comment I will send you a little surprise!!!
Wanna guess...
I am almost done with the layout so hurry leave a comment and take a wild guess.....

Love my little ones.

Kissy face!

My Alexandria!

Silly Jesse.

Alex and Jaxon.

Crawfish peek-a-boo

Toddler play area

Mini Grocery store complete with cash registers, the kids can ring up their own food.

A mini restaurant, with a kitchen and tables.... the kids can take orders, cook with fake food and serve on dishes and even clean up.... it is in the rules, How about that!

May I take your order?

Bubbles, Big Bubbles!

Dress up like the presidents and their wives.

Eating a piece of fake watermelon.... LOL


  1. Okay Amy, I made my decision: I'm going to emigrate to Lafayette!!! LOL!! Wanna be there with you and have FUN!!! LOVE these pictures!! I have a favorite but.....I'm not going to tell you....just wait and see!

    Have a GREAT day (again!).

    Hugs, Jenneke

  2. Bubbles, Big Bubbles?????????????????

  3. Cute photos! We have a place like that in St Louis! So cute & fun for the the kids! :-)

    Ok, so why is your husband in Sicily for 12 days without you?! What a GREAT trip!

  4. fake crawfish,......gotta be that one!!!
    Hurry to BR we ( I) miss you!!!!

  5. Ok ... now I am sad :(:(:(:( I am READING the newest comment about which one U did chose...and then I am reading along saying that U all ready posted the photos on your last post....and I'm like....WHAT?????? How did I miss that??? Sooooooooo then I refresh the page and I find this post?????? HOW the HECK did I miss this???? The last one that showed up on my blog list was about your brother and his family!!!! I am soooooooooo sad I missed these AWESOME photos...loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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