Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Green "BUG"!!!

The coolest bug I have ever seen!!!

Okay... So here is the story..... My husband is "trying" to grow a tomatoe plant in a pot. He says he is doing this because if he plants it in the ground the ants will get to it! Well it is not working out so well and today he told me he was just going to kill the plant and start over fresh... When he went to go get it I was walking behind him... He jumped up in the air and backwards.... I think it is funny when he does this but most of the time he is running from a bee. He is 6ft 2 inches and runs from bugs...

He hehehehehe..LOL.

Well this time he jumped and ran but I did not see any bee. Just this fabulous creature....sitting on my husbands tomatoe plant. He is gorgeous... I love his coloring. I am so scrapping this. So as he is jumping and running to get away from the bug I am running in the house hoping it does not fly away so I can get a picture of it.... I wish you could have been here to see it all go down... Pretty funny.

I will be at a Womens Conference with my church all weekend... So I pray everyone is healthy and that you have a fabulous weekend. Much Love, Amy


  1. just seeing the pic, i thought you were at the bug museum in New Orleans!! I totally agree with you, the bug is very photogenic!

    my hubby and your hubby are very similar in size, AND, bee-phobia!!

  2. Love the pic!!! Thank you for the wonderful comment you left for our family!!!! Still battling, but Faith is keeping my head above water!!!! Love you dear friend!!! :)

  3. I have a HUGE garden...and you don't have to worry about ants with the tomotoes...its stink bugs and catepillars...and they don't care where the plant is!

  4. He is beautiful. What a treat finding him. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. Is that a bug????? WOW!!! Never seen one as this!! So big and those colors.....!!
    Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, sweet Amy!
    Big hug and thanks for your lovely words on my blog!


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