Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unfailing LOVE!

My sister Kaitlin had her baby... they are very far away in Tehachapi, California so he will know his auntie from afar!!!! I am so proud of my sissy and her new family... Daxton William Ford is a lucky little boy and a miracle from God. My sister was told at a young age because of treatments she had for rheumatoid arthritis... That she would not be able to have children and now she has 2 beautiful little miracles! She has found the man of her dreams and she is such a good mommy. I am so very proud of her. She is the prime example of the quote.... When life gives you lemons make lemonade. No matter what sour nonsense she went through she still kept moving forward... looking at the positive...

My sister Casey took this picture. She is another prime example of making the best of the life she was given... She is a wonderful mother, educated and now studying to be a photographer. She amazes me everyday with her strength and constant drive. You can see her website HERE.

School is in full swing.... I am teaching Mothers Day out 2 days a week at church which means I have 6 little 1 year olds to tend to and love 2 days a week....My hubby is the love of my life and my beautiful children have their momma at their beckon call 24-7. I hope will help you to understand why I have not been around much lately. Thank you all for always leaving sweet comments and visiting my blog.

Even though I have been busy.... For the first time in a very long time I feel Peace.. At the beginning of this year I told you all my word for the year was PEACE... finding inner peace. My grandfather passed away, my marriage was lonely, My teenage daughter was trying to see how far she could push us and all my family was so far away. This fairy tale life I imagined for myself just was not what it was supposed to be. Wow... we tend to put pretty high expectations on ourselves and others. So when I stopped having my own private pity party reality hit and I could not begin to remember who I was or what I wanted to be and that began a journey of finding ME. Imagine 33 years old and taking a step to start it all over fresh. I am a woman of faith, a wife, a mother and friend. I am creative and crafty...I am so thankful for my faith, my wonderful husband and my beatifully amazing children. I am thankful to my creative friends and the true friends who stuck by my side even when I wasn't a very good friend back! But most of all I am thankful to GOD...that he sent His Son to die for MY sins! I have been reading my bible and so many times as I read thru it I see the words...
His Unfailing Love.
The definition of UNFAILING is...

1. Always able to supply more; inexhaustible
2. Constant; unflagging: unfailing loyalty.
3. Incapable of error; infallible.

I know the unfailing love my God has for me and with that comes PEACE! In my life there is peace. When you find peace all the things YOU make BIG in your life become small. Yes, I said....YOU make it big. We all have a choice... We learned it in kindergarten...Opposites remember.... Happy/Sad....Big/Small....Love/Hate....Good/Evil....Peace/worry.
So next time you are faced with a decision what will your choice be?

Seek your peace whatever it may be. Find a quiet place to reflect. It is so amazing to me that in the midst of a storm there is always something you can focus on that brings you joy...

Hmmm... Did not think I was going there in this post. I had to change my title.... It was Just Busy! Love you all bunches. Have the best day ever and may the next one be even better!!!! Hugs,Amy


  1. As always a beautiful post from a beautiful woman. I choose Peace. I sometimes wrestle with myself about spending too much time online vs spending just the right amount of time with my kids. I know they need some play time by themselves to get them ready for school, but I feel like if I'm online and they see me on here too much it isn't good. But the time with them will always come first. That is what gives me Peace right now:) Love, Jess

  2. You brought tears to these tired eyes today and thank you...thank you passing this on to us today.....

    Congrats to you Auntie...what a stunning photo and you are an inspiration to all of us!!! Peace to you today Miss Amy!!!

  3. CONGRATS Auntie Amy!!! I loveeeeeee that photo and as always...your posts are inspiring :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. You have so brightened my day with your wonderful post! Sometimes the stressful parts of our lives just seem to gang up on us, and we just have to step back and say thank you to God for each little thing from which we get joy. No matter how difficult my life has been, I always find joy in seeing the sun rise each morning. I am a very fortunate person with my life right now and I say many many thanks every day. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!! I loved reading this post it was like reading my own story! I am so glad you 've found your peace, I know I will find mine very soon!!

    Congrats on being an aunt, you're the best I am shure!

    Hugs, Hanneke

  6. Beautiful post!! I am so thankful that there have been so many sweet changes in your life.

  7. Heey....congrats to aunt Amy!!!! Such a pity your sister is living so far away, I bet you would love to hug that little nephew of yours!! What a beautiful photo!!!
    And what a beautiful post again, Amy. I admire the way you put your feelings into words. And I'm so happy you found your peace!



  8. what a wonderful word. peace. I'm so glad it's become part of your life! and congrats to your sister!

  9. don't know what's going on with my computer.... will try posting again.... this is a lovely lovely lovely post... I love your words... and I know God does give miracles... Rainee is mine... doesn't matter what the world says... if God wants something for you... the miracle WILL HAPPEN.... congrats on the new baby.... God is good!!! Blessings to you and your family!!! Have a lovely lovely day!! {{hugs}} Michelle

  10. Congrats aunt Amy! Beautiful photo!WOW!
    Wonderful words Amy, from a wonderful woman!!

  11. Wow is all I can say I read this at the right time. PEACE PEACE and i have that in this situation I'm dealing with and God is sooo good thank u my sister in Christ ,-)


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