Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Through the eyes of another!

Never in a million years would I have ever imagined my life would lead me here. I grew up in California, lived there for 23 years....Met the man of my dreams and moved to Louisiana. I have been introduced to many but the one I am thankful for the most is my God. What a freedom and peace I find in His mercy and grace. What amazing journeys have come thru His blessings. Faith 365 grew from a thought I had one day....I have been standing in faith for so long on something I realized all that faith needs to be applied to everything in my life.... We gotta have faith 365 days of the year. When our church started small groups I knew mine would be all things creative and I called it Scrapbooking and More. Through a 5 year period we grew from 1 to 150 and we are still growing. I started the Faith 365 events so that we could gather in His name and share our gifts and talents with one another. A retreat to rejuvenate our faith. Never in a million years would I have thought I would fly someone in to be a guest speaker but He made a way. Please visit this link to A Bushel and A Peck. Mrs. Jeanne Oliver was one of my guest speakers at the event in April. I can tell you my eyes were teary the whole time she spoke cause in this season of my life what she spoke about was just confirmation I am right where I am supposed to be. In her post she tells about what her experience was at the event.

Some people say I have to make lots of money doing these events.....some people say it is a lot of headache to put up with..... some people say I should not spend money on flying people in.....

My God is a big God and this is a big dream coming true and if I do it in obedience to Him then it will be blessed, I will be blessed. I already am blessed. It is far from a headache for me, It makes enough money for me to do everything I dream of with a little extra to bless someone else and I will continue to be prayerful of who will join us to speak. If it means flying someone in from the ends of the earth than so be it. God puts people in your path for a reason. If your journey brings you to one of my events, you are there on purpose. So grow your faith. Be open to the journeys ahead. Love life. You only have one try to get it right. Nobody is perfect. Seek Grace and Mercy from Him!!!


  1. What a beautiful post. You really spoke to my heart this morning. Thank you for letting God use you and your faith as a testimony to us. I'm so encouraged now to step out in faith and be creative for our Creator!
    -Rachel :)

  2. congratulations on such a wonderful endeavor. we should all be thankful indeed.


  3. This is soooooooooooo inspirational my friend!!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. I agree...this is just a wonderful and uplifting post!!!!

    Wishing you a Blessed Day sweet friend!!! Sorry I missed your call....we were taking care of the boys..Hope to talk to you soon!!!

  5. Amy I noticed you on jeannes post at a bushel and a peck, she is a doll baby and very talented. I too am inspired by her passion for all things with meaning. I too am an artist in paper since a young girl papering my closet doors and anything I could put paper and paint to, this lead me to interior design school and now creating art for a living.

    God has blessed me with fine friends who add joy to my life and create along side of me.

    Come visit my older post and my story behind my hands and bird art.

    Would love to see the piece you created!!

    Trusting in him and being blessed for it.

  6. This is such a wonderful post!

  7. What a lovely lovely lovely post. Thank you for you inspiration. I'm encouraged... our God is good!
    {{hugs}} Michelle


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