Sunday, May 2, 2010

Attention to Details.....Part 1

Have you ever been so stressed, overwhelmed and just purely excited in such an amazing way that you have so many butterflies in your stomach that you can't even eat. Well this describes my week. My Faith 365 event has come and gone. It came before I knew it and happened so quickly that I blinked and it was over. See what I mean, it is all like a dream. My dream come true. Being faithful to our Lord just brings us the joys and desires of our hearts. I taught at an awesome National Scrapbook Day event yesterday and met some really wonderful woman. Now I will be teaching at Scrapbooks and More every month!!!!! There is even more but I can't spill the beans just yet. Hehehehehe!

So the first detail I want you to know is this....Matt and Stacy with Stacy Landry Photography took ALL the amazing photos I am about to show you. They are my wonderful sweet friends. My special blessings from God. This is my detail post cause I love paying attention to all the little details. Throughout this week I am going to share some pretty awesome eye candy so keep checking back.

Second detail I am going to share with you is.....Jeanne Oliver, My guest speaker for my event and amazing artist and writer and woman of God. She just launched her Spring and Summer line on Etsy. Go check it out HERE HERE HERE. There is a link on her blog post that will take you to her Etsy Shop!!!!

Now......Some details of my Faith 365 event. Lots of pics, so get ready for inspiration overload.

The Faith 365 Event was held in Lagniappes Antique Store. They have over 17,000 sq. feet of yummy antique booths and this wonderful gallery space that we used for the event. I love the paintings on the wall. It is a local artist and all the colors matched my decor perfectly.

This is the embellishment bar. It is here to inspire every inch of your creativity. Lots of little goodies you can use to finish the projects that are taught throughout the event and your personal pieces of art!

Milk bottle full of buttons and an old dictionary are
wonderful additions to any project.

Vintage buttons in an old tea cup.
Everyone should have one of these in there workspace!

Goodness, I think we have a lot of buttons. I love this old cast iron corn bread pan. Perfect for all your scrappy trinkets.

Unique little items on the embellishment bar.

Growth is so important. We should always be striving for more. Take that step of faith. Faith is believing!

Yo-yo's, stick pins and milk caps. Are you inspired?

Meet Arione. She is a sweet friend of Alexandria. She is wearing a handmade hat from one of the booths in the antique store. Simply beautiful.

Alexandria, Kristen and Arione. Hand made coats and hats. Love this picture. It shows each individual personality shine in these beautiful girls!

I love dress forms and have been lucky to find some really unique metal ones. We dressed this young lady up for the event. Love her!

Another view of the Embellishment Bar.

I made cupcakes and petit fours. Can't have an event without those. I get emails asking if I am bringing them. I can't disappoint. They are so good.

On the first day of the event. Everyone received this little treat at their seat. It is a Hershey bar wrapped in old dictionary paper, tied with ribbon and for a little added touch...a stamped dress form. {thanks to Somerset Magazine for this idea} Our schedule and bits of information was clipped to a blank clipboard. We used the items wrapped around the Hershey Bar to embellish the clipboard. Everyones came out so different and Everyone enjoyed their chocolate.

This is our candy bar....A couple posts back I posted pictures of an old shed door. Our candy bar sits on top of the table I made from that door. So perfect. Jennifer, the manager of the antique store was so gracious to let us borrow wonderful architectural pieces from her booth. It made the candy bar just a beautiful work of art. Mmmmm.

I promise more pictures to come soon. The details are exciting but the friendships that were made are so amazing.

Save the Date.

If you have been inspired by what you see here...Our next event is July 16,17 and 18. Mark your calendars and check back for more information.

That is all for today. Much love, Amy


  1. Amazing! I want to be a part of this!

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! These photos are AMAZING Amy!!!! Soooooooooooo happy about the classes U are going to be teaching! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Those Photos are JUST FABULOUS!!! Class Act Miss AMY.....Oh I so wish I would have been there!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How fantastic!!!! Looks so wonderful - I know that everyone had a super inspiring time! I love all the displays and the handmade clothes are so cool!! Have a super week!

  5. LOOKS like such an amazing event! glad to see everyone happy and smiling!

    if i had the funds to go, i'd love to visit next year for this event!


  6. I'm sooooooo proud of you, Amy!!!
    Soooo proud..



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