Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is your fave outfit?

The latest challenge is up at What is your Fave Thing.

What is your favorite outfit???

I love to dress up and maybe someday I will have a closet full of beautiful outfits....but for now I am totally and completely satisfied with being comfortable. My daily attire consists of Jeans, Jeans and another pair of jeans. You can dress them up and you can dress them down. I love my jeans.

I used a large chipboard letter as the template for the J and the S. The paper for the J is vintage wallpaper and the paper for the letter s is from and old receipt book.

Having a 15 year old who is up on all the latest trends makes you realize time does not stand still for nothin' and I am so happy to say her fashion sense is rubbing off. Yep, My daughter is dressing up my wardrobe . My new favorite addition to those jeans..... scarves. I love throwing a scarf around my neck... I feel funky and they make me happy. Don't be afraid to try out some of the fashion trends out there. The first couple times I put them on I took them off before I walked out the door. Now they are a staple in my small and comfy wardrobe!

Join in the challenge and tell us about your fave outfit our fashion staple. Be sure to check out what the Fave girls have created to inspire you this challenge. Just fabulous. We have a team of rockin' fashionistas.


  1. What I like the most in your layouts are the details! You always pay so much attention to all details, it shows your love for scrapbooking! The stitching, the doodling, the butterflies, the hearts, I LOVE them! And your misting is wonderful!
    ANd I agree: we have a wonderful design team!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!


  2. I ♥ your LO, Amy, & I ♥ your jeans & scarves combo! Too cute! I wear that a lot, myself! And jeans are definitely a main staple in my wardrobe these days!

    Hope you're having a GREAT weekend, my friend!

    Big hugs...

  3. I soooooooooooooooo love love love this AMY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. I hear you on the jeans!!!! I wear them all the time (with all the snow and rain a skirt isn't agood idea at all) !!! Love your LO. love the big J and S!!!!


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