Saturday, October 17, 2009

What are your dreams?

A few thoughts to ponder!!!

Today is a lazy day...The house is quiet, The children are at my Mother-in-Laws house for the day, Alex is at an Airshow and Jasin is sleeping. I am catching up on some blogging. I am so excited about all the wonderful friendships that have blossomed on the world wide web and in the Faith 365 small group with The Family Church. It has been a fabulous adventure. Have you ever been on a path you believe is wonderful and exciting and such a God thing and then someone tells you, oh I am sorry but you need to lower your standard and do something different...You feel so helpless cause you think it is the final word...You feel like if you say or do anything you would be out of authority...Well I believe a foundation is being laid down, relationships with friends are growing, When the foundation is laid and you are reaping good seed you will get a harvest of a good crop. So I am going to walk on the path I know God has placed in front of me and I am going to walk on down that path and not accept any distraction. I will not accept a lower standard and I will expect a greater result....The scriptures I stand on everyday are....Philippians 4:13..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..." and this scripture....Mark 9:23..."If you can believe, All things are possible to him who believes..." These scriptures are a constant reminder that anything I set my heart, mind and body to will be done in excellance and for the Glory of God.

What are your dreams....? What is the desire of your heart...? What is your motivation...?

As I was blog hopping today I went for a visit to one of my favorites....Some of you may need a tissue for this one. Check out A Bushel and a Peck. She talks about seeking your dreams and finding time for yourself. It is not being selfish. It is nurturing to your inner spirit and very healthy for you and for everyone whos life you speak into daily!


  1. Beautiful thoughts - only you and God can determine your path. I don't think God wants us to lower our standards; I think He wants us to dream, to create, and to be the very best that we can be. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a beautiful see the strength that you have in your faith!!! I am in a place right now that does not feel to read your scriptures.....made me stop and think.....My hopes and dreams are to be able to continue to spend time with my family and to be matter what I faith is what keeps me strong and I see that it is the same for you!!!! I so wish you were closer.....can you get on that plane? Love you sweet friend and keep on the path that you faith and heart tell you to follow!!!!

  3. this is truly beautiful amy...*sigh*...truly beautiful! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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  5. Thats inspirational Amy!!

    wow, love that sweet little dress a couple of posts ago!!

    have a wonderful week


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