Monday, October 19, 2009

Some cool crafty links...

Our church comes out with a magazine quarterly and I was asked to fill up 2 pages with some crafty Christmas gift ideas.... While I was looking for some unique ideas, I came across some pretty nifty scrappy ideas....

Check these out!!!
The links below give you detailed instructions on how to make these cute little projects.

Fluffy Flower Brooch

Flower Button Tutorial

Washer Necklaces

Cork Coaster Books

Fan Deco Book


  1. Oh wow wow wow for each thing!!!
    Wow for the crafty ideas!! Totally fab!
    Another wow for that old book - what an incredible treasure....
    and the third wow for that fromed tree.....its AWESOME!!!!
    wHAT a lovely visit I've had!!

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these are awesome!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee them!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. GREAT ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!
    And congrats for being asked to fill up 2 pages!!!


  4. Love these!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! :-)

  5. thanks so much for the great links. I have been reading your blog every posting and trying to comment, but I don't know if they are taking or not. anyway, just love your blog and wish I could have been at your crop - love that cool little tree you created!

  6. WOW they are sooooo cool, thanks for sharing!!!


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