Thursday, October 1, 2009

After dinner walk!!!

Every night....well almost every night we take a walk around our townhouse complex after dinner...We live in a town house complex called the meadows where all the streets are named after flowers!!!Tonight I was inspired by a few things I I made Alexandria go back to the house to get my camera..... Here are 4 pics I took!!!!

This has to be the strangest flower I have ever seen! Can anyone tell me what kind it is!

Yayyyy...Thanks to my "Fave Things" friend Chris.... She tells me it is a Passion Flower that is wilting...I think it is a fantastic and colorful flower...Thank You Chris!!!!

Look at little Mister Bumble Bee. He was buzzing around and let me take this photo. I love how it came out and he did not even sting me!!!!

This rustic little bird house was just waiting for me to take a picture of it! You all know I love birds.... It was in a tree in our Meadows Community Garden!

This little flower is just so full of life and beautiful....
I had to have it my collection of flower photographs!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday...The photos above were a wonderful distraction and taking them has released some creative mojo... which I need ....I am off to finish a scrapbook album I have been working on. I have 45 of 110 pages finished. I am praying I get some creative mojo flowing so I can get it done quickly. That is a lot of pictures and a lot of pages to stay creative on...Send me some scrappy mojo...PLEASE!!!


  1. Hi Amy,
    that is a passion flower that is beginning to wilt. Some people call them Maybuds or passion vines. In the Caribbean they will become passionfruit but I don't think the growing season would be long enough in Louisiana. We have lots of them in Florida. Just love your photos! So beautiful.

  2. Wonderful photos, Amy!!!!
    110 pages?????? WOW!!! Wishing you luck and sending you a lot of mojo to finish this one!!
    And have a GREAT weekend!!!!!


  3. Love these pics and these are the kinds of pics that I adore.....what wonderful things to take a look at while out for a walk!!!! :)

  4. These are GORGEOUS photos Amy!!! WOW! And yay for Chris...cuz I woulda had nooooooooooooo idea!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Love your blog. I just found you and now I am following you. I love what I've seen of your scrapping. Look forward new posts and visits.
    Kim xXx

  6. Beautiful pics Amy! Hope you are making head way on that album! xoxo L


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