Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 New Layouts.....And some advice, Please!

We had a Faith 365 scrappin' all nighter on Friday night. I was able to finish 2 layouts....Well I thought they were finished. When I take all my "stuff" to any crop I really do not get anything done....I woke up this morning and ripped one of the pages apart and started over....twice. Then added to the second page. I am completely satisfied now and won't be doing anything else to the pages... You can't bring everything with you when you go to a crop...I have supplies I do not know I have and when the creative juices start flowing they cause me to dig around in secret stash hiding places...Hehehehehe...LOL. I have alot of hiding places...Problem is I hid away all those unique little papers and embellishments and forget where I put them.
Hope you like the pages....

Jasin took this picture of his hand in Sicily this summer. He went with his brother. He says everyone would ask him if he was married and where was his family? This was my favorite picture.... I did a Pick which layout I am gonna scrap next when I posted all the pictures
from his trip. Julie picked this picture...I have had it to scrap but have not had a
chance to really creat for me...So finally Julie I did it.
I will be sending you a little surprise for picking the right photo!

I found these pictures with the picture from above....I decided I wanted to scrap them. These are pictures from Jacobs first day of Second Grade in August. Boy, If you only knew how far behind in scrappy pages for my children I really am. Love this Cosmo Cricket paper!

Any way.... I had a relaxing day....Sleep til 12pm.....NEVER HAPPENS. Scrap a little and then a date with my hubby. Wow 2 weekends in a row. I am in love. We ate at a favorite restaurant of ours...La Pizzaria. A sweet little italian food restaurant. I had French onion soup and a ceasar salad. Funny, French onion soup at an Italian restaurant. Hmmmm. Jasin had a is his favorite. Ended the night with another heart to heart with Alexandria. She went to the mall with some new friends and one "was" a potential boyfriend....Okay....He is definately NOT for her. Is it OK for me to do that??? What has happened to people...She is bringing home boys whos only vocabulary word is LIKE. Like turn down here and go like over there....Those were the directions he gave us to his house. They have no ambition....Can't even answer a simple question. I mean when you ask a question they just look at you and don't say a word. Don't look at you in the eye. Instead of sex education I think they need to teach etiquette classes. We have taught Alex to be independant, be herself, know what she wants and go after it with a spirit of excellance.....But I am just gonna say it and I hope no one gets offended but she is bringing home all theses "fixer upper models" ! What is a momma and a daddy to do? I hear all the time we need to let her make mistakes but come on... She is a beautiful young lady.... I vote, stay single....get an education and wait for MR. RIGHT! Life is complicated enough for a teenager... Sorry, I am off my soap box now.....

Sleep tight and do not let the bed bugs bite.... Good night all. Hey any advice on the teenager matter is greatly appreciated!!!!!


  1. Love your LO's, such great pics!!! And I know what you mean, same overhere!!!

  2. Just love both of your layouts - what a cool photo of Jasin's hand - I took a photo one time of Dan's and my hands touching and used the title Keep in touch. And Jacob's pix are just charming - love the happy smile! Re teenagers, wow! I don't know if there is any answer or explanation to their choices sometimes. I have to admit I am glad Brian is beyond that now - we tried to let him have as much space as we could but sometimes you just have to say no or at least have serious talks. Drinking was a big problem in Brian's school (isn't it everywhere?) and we started early and often with casual talks. Good luck - Alexandria is an intelligent young woman and I know that you have always given her good advice and strong values so eventually things will work out - but in the meantime.......
    BTW, I loved your bed buds adage - my grandma (who lived with us) always used to say that to us at bedtime. Have a great week!

  3. Love the LO's...they are just perfect!!!!! I must pass along some wisdom!!! I raised a teenage girl also and some of the boys that arrived in our home...were let's say not up to my standards.....The ones we loved....a pre med student....a councilman's son who was going into politics and a young man going into the fact the Navy seals...she wanted nothing to do with was the BAD BOYS....unable to look you in the eye....the brain apptitude of a pea and I thought I would lose it!!!! I was patient....we talked about life goals..the importance of a college education and many sleepless nights...I prayed and I guided....and in the end...she completed her college education.....she is a Fabulous Momma, Wife and stay on her with kindness...patience and most of all LOVE AND FAITH!!!!!

  4. *boys stink* lol!!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for using that photo!!!!!!! sadly....a lot of kids today....boys and girls aren't taught respect like they used too...and each generation is getting worse :( u even see it when u go to a place that hires kids...they are more interested in hanging out then!!!! doesn't each generation say the same thing about the next younger generation????? lol!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. WOnderful layouts, Amy! LOVE the photo of Jasin's hand!
    And oh, I know what you mean about your daughter and boys.. You have to find a way to advice her without being that overprotected and meddling mom. It's hard, but I'm sure it will work out!
    Wishing you a lot of strength and wisdom!!

    Big hug, Jenneke

  6. Girls are cool and boys drool.....ok, this probaby is not the help you need. I do not look forward to that age! Good luck. Great layout.


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